Association Rule Mining to Assess User-generated Content in Digital Heritage

Exploring the heritage site in VR (Hyve3d)

Association rule mining is one of the several approaches in game design for discovering correlations among user-generated content items. This project aims to aid the digital heritage field by analysing user preferences in interactive environments designed for participatory cultural heritage making.

Textual and diagrammatic explication of the feedback mechanism introduces the universalization of the knowledge gained in this research that is supported with the outcome of a workshop which offered two gamified interactive environments. Three key pleasures of cyberspace in digital heritage are extended from immersion to meaningful experience and to transformation. User-generated content engenders meaningful correlations that help improve and evaluate digital heritage applications. Qualitative findings explicate the relationship of ‘The Museum of Gamers’ with the authenticity issue. This paper is among the first to investigate the association rule finding methods in relation to indexical authenticity in digital heritage.

Association Rule Mining to Assess User-Generated Content in Digital Heritage

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Chapter · July 2017 DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-5197-5_13
In book: Future Trajectories of Computation in Design, Edition: CCIS 724, Publisher: Springer, Editors: Gülen Çağdaş, Leman Figen Gül, Mine Özkar, Ethem Gürer, pp.231-251