Amplifying citizens’ voices in Smart Cities

RealET is a smart application written in Python that reads social media to provide decision makers with real-time public feedb

Performative design

A Python/Grasshopper prototype for GIS data analysis and visualisation to improve environmental analysis.

Association Rule Mining to Assess User-generated Content in Digital Heritage

Using association rule mining to aid the digital heritage by analysing user preferences in VR/AR environments.

Parametric muqarnas

Modelling a fully parametric Muqarnas in Grasshopper3d. Muqarnas is a complex 3d element in Persian architecture.

AI and Video analytics

The application of image recognition algorithms in identifying movie features

Badminton performance analysis

A Python deep learning application to support sports performance analysis.


How CAADRIA Conference 2019 articles were categorised using text mining

Wellington urban big data

An application of social media sentiment analysis in urban sciences There is a published paper on this topic available for ful

Smart energy performance visualisation

An Innovative, Hierarchical Energy Performance Data Visualization for Facilitating Recognition of Thermal Issues April 2019 In

Digitalising tradition & identity

An attempt to create a digital version of a complex Persian pattern followed by a modelling workshop.

Academic text mining

Urban Narrative

‘Urban Narrative’ is a proof of concept initiative that aims to create a step change in community engagement for improved